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Celebrating Harlem Week, AAWIC is pleased to host the AAWIC Anti-Gun Violence Film Screening Program

Keynote Panel

Moderator: Lynn Spivey, President of NAACP, NYCHA Chapter



Reggie Mitchell, Co-Host of 90.3fm

Tabaitha Rodriguez, MA. Founder & CEO of Girls Achieving Inc.

Hon. Eric Stevenson, Politician, Community Leader & Activist

Shanequa Charles, Executive Director of Miss Abbie’s Kids / Criminal Justice Rights Activist

Brent Moore Gaskins, Actor (Coming 2 America 2020), Anti- Gun Violence Activist

Ian Wilson, Filmmaker, Anti-Gun Violence Advocate



Let’s Make a change: The life you save maybe her’s!!

Not as tough as you think: -A teenage boy, Laverne, is on the way to hang out with his friends. On his way out, he is warned by his mother about hanging out with “those boys”. Laverne reassures his mother that he will be fine. However, there is a unexpected outcome. Produced by Ian Wilson and Ade Richardson.

Shoooter: Michelle “Shooter” Barnes was a high school basketball star.  Coach now teaches at her old high school on the Southside of Chicago.  Coach happens upon an ensuing fight in the schools locker room and decides to intervene.  As a result of her intervention she is threatened by one of her student’s  in more ways than she expected. Directed by Jan Johnson Goldberger.


AAWIC Honoree: Dr. Blakely, “Queen Mother”

Dr. Blakley is also The Community Mayor of Harlem” and the Ambassador of Goodwill to Africa for the United Nations. She is also the Founder of New Future Foundation, a United Nations NGO.

AAWIC will salute Dr. Blakley in honor of her 50 year celebration of Humanitarian work in Harlem as well as Globally and for her advocacy of Anti-Gun Violence. A special presentation will be given by Hon. Al Taylor, New York Assemblyman.