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February 26, 2018
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March 29th Festival Agenda

March 29th

St. Frances College

4305, 180 Remsen St.

Brooklyn, NY 11201

No tickets will be sold at door—advance tickets only


11:00am-12:30pm “Master Class” special Guest, Michelle Wong


TV Host: Work Your Money Podcast TV

CEO & Founder: The WYM Group

Come gain rare insight on the in’s and out’s of building your business.

Moderated by: Jessica Sinclair, CEO of Sinclair Master of Ceremonies

Jessica Sinclair is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Sinclair Master of Ceremonies, a professional event host & mc entertainment company located in Elmont, New York.  Ms. Sinclair is an authentic, dedicated and passionate businesswomen with a desire to cater to the masses, bring life to events, and uplift her local community.

Ticket Price $25.00 (to purchase ticket click here)

Festival All Access Pass Holders will receive preferred seating


1:00pm-2:30pm “Let the Eagle Scream” A keynote panel on Social Injustice

While we do not see main stream coverage on social injustice as we have previous witness, we do know that unfortunately it still exist. This unique panel will screen a special documentary entitled, “Let the Eagle Scream” focusing in modern day social injustice and will conclude with a discussion on what is currently taking place in our society

Let the Eagle Scream

Film Synopsis

This documentary looks at the lynching era and its manifestation through two millennia.  It explores the lives of the people who are directly connected with lynching and those who have encountered its present day applications.

Rhonda Haynes

Filmmaker Bio

Rhonda L. Haynes has garnered nearly 30 years experience in the technical aspects of film and television production. She’s worked behind the scenes on productions, such as, The Cosby Show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?,MTV, the John McEnroe Talk Show for CNBC as well as independent features and short films.

Keynote Panel Moderator: Dr. Cheryl Williams

Celebrity Make-up Artist and Image Consultant

Nominated for Two Day Time Emmy’s.


Lynn Spivey

Lynn Spivey is a business leader, civil rights activist, talks show host and entrepreneur. She serves as the President for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) – New York City Housing Authority, the largest public housing facility in the nation.  As President of NAACP- NYCHA Branch, Lynn is dedicated to serving the community and embodies the attitude of a servant heart.   She utilizes her talents and skills to advance the tenets of the NAACP within the NYCHA.  Since becoming President of the branch, she has more than tripled the membership, provided free paralegal courses and civil rights training and has created programming to address critical issues related to Education such as (Just R.E.A.D. “Recognize Education Achieves Destiny” literacy program; “Put Down the Guns and Pick Up A Book” focusing on stopping the violence; and Math tutoring program, “Generation X + Y = Success”.



   Jamie Bland

Jamie Bland, the Chapter Leader of the National Action Network (NAN) Bergen & Passaic County, NJ   & the Founder and Executive Director of Jumpstart Community Training and Productions Program. She was recently made Deputy Mayor in New Jersey.


Delaney (Lay Lay) Johnson

Delaney (Lay Lay) Johnson a strong Entrepreneur and Founder of Fifteen Dynasty Management a conglomerate that includes, manage artist, models, designers, producers, actresses, clothes line and own properties.  He received Entrepreneur awards of the year from NAACP, Senator Ruben Diaz, New York State Assembly, Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda, Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo, Am I my Sisters Keeper, and City Council Citation from Vanessa L. Gibson.

King Downing

King Downing is a lawyer and founder of the Human Rights-Racial Justice Center. H2RJ advocates and organizes for criminal and economic justice, including the Drug War, mass incarceration, police abuse, Hip Hop profiling and racial profiling. He has appeared in The New York TimesNewsweek, Court TV, CNN, NPR, HBO, PBS radio and TV, The Daily Beast, Pacifica Radio Network, Investigation Discovery Channel and YouTube, and in the films: Freedom Files—Racial Profiling (Court TV); Black and Blue: Legend of the Hip-Hop Cop (HBO).

Ticket price: $15.00 (To purchase a ticket click here)


Ayesha Grice


Ayesha Grice worked as a monthly columnist for Essence Magazine for 25 years, was a civil rights activist in the 60’s and focused on police brutality arrested and beaten by police many times. She was a helper and advisor to the mothers in the Central Park case which she labeled as a Legal Lynching. She worked to get the message of innocence out to the community by appearing on various radio shows in the New York area.


2:30pm-4:30pm Women Behind The Mic Panel


Co-founded by Joyce (former Director of Marketing for Bad Boy Entertainment) and La Joyce Brookshire (former Director of Publicity for Arista, Women Behind the Mic is a powerful movement designed to empowering women, in particular Black women, how to succeed in the business of entertainment with successful women executives in music, film, radio and TV — the culture creators of the Hip-Hop and R&B Golden Era.

Michelle’s career began in music when she worked alongside Sean Combs as the Director of Marketing for Bad Boy Entertainment.

Michelle conceived, developed, planned & executed the marketing blueprints for the label for artists like The Notorious BIG, Craig Mack, Faith Evans, Total & 112 who combined have generated more than 30 million in album sales to date.

She has worked as General Manager & Director of Marketing at ByStorm Entertainment and has held Vice President of Marketing positions at both Sony Music & MCA Records working with artists such as Mary J. Blige, Babyface, Charli Baltimore, Jaguar Wright, & more.

Today, she is the Chief Experience Officer of Digital Chick Consulting ​and​ considers herself to be a change agent of the new millennium in marketing platform innovation.

Michelle is the Co-Author & Co-Creator of The Women Behind The Mic Book and Docu-Series.

Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire will tell you she is a full-time wife and mother and a part-time everything else. That includes being a Naturopathic Doctor and a six-time bestselling author and a New York Times bestselling author of the novel based on the smash hit movie Soul Food with five concurrent bestselling books.

LaJoyce was a high-powered entertainment publicist to the STARS. As Director of Publicity at Arista Records in the mid-90s, artists such as The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Toni Braxton, Kenny G, OutKast, Monica, Deborah Cox, Craig Mack, Total, Faith Evans, 112, Usher, TLC, Whitney Houston, and The Notorious B.I.G aka (Biggie Smalls) to name a few. Due to her efforts as Director of Publicity her artists sold over 100 million albums worldwide. LaJoyce is the Co-Author & Co-Creator of The Women Behind The Mic Book and Docu-Series.

Ticket price: $25.00 (To purchase a ticket click here)


St Francis College

4305, 180 Remsen St

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Film Screening Program 2

Moderator & Host

Mikey Jay

Mikey Jay is a two time Grammy nominated Recording Artist / Music Producer who boasts 13 music awards as well as an astonishing 32 honor awards stemming from the NAACP to the White House for his philanthropic contributions to the communities across America. Mikey Jay is not just a successful rapper and music producer but is also an accomplished Actor, Executive Film Producer, Film Financier, Director, Script Writer, and Producer. In 2016 Mikey Jay became the benefactor for the “St. Jemuel Family Day Care Group” and in 2017 signed on as the benefactor for “A Start Of A New Home Day Care.” In 2015 Mikey Jay became a sponsor for The African American Women In Cinema Film Festival and continues to be a sponsor and Moderator til this day. Civil Rights Activist, Philanthropist, Rapper, Actor, Director Film & Music Producer and much more under his belt it is safe to say that Mikey Jay is more than a Mogul.


5:00pm: Broken Silence Raw 

Film Synopsis

Based on Broken Silence: Life after the Rain, Autobiography of DuWanda S. Conway & YouTube documentary film: Broken Silence.   Both Book & Film deliveries of powerful message addressing issues of  Domestic Violence, Bullying, Self-Love, & Addiction  to save life’s, educate and inspire.


DuWanda S. Epps

Filmmaker Bio

DuWanda S. Epps, Graduated of Metropolitan College of New York earned degrees in Human Service and Public Administration. She is currently attending graduate school to obtain Doctoral Degree in Public Administration at Capella University. Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate, Visionary, named “Humanitarian” of the Year 2017 for the City of Wilson in North Carolina. 7x International Selling Co-Author. Inspirational Speaker, Co-Author of 17 & Author of 27 books.

6:00pm: 5th Ward Special Urban Movie Channel Presentation

Series Synopsis

5th  Ward; is a fresh episodic series that captures the gamut of problems that often plague our forgotten inner city communities in an enlightening, entertaining and fast paced way. Fifth Ward is a historic black neighborhood located in Houston, Texas.  Similar to Brooklyn in New York City or Compton in Los Angeles, Fifth Ward is a neighborhood in the midst of a dramatic cultural change.  Created by Houston filmmaker Greg Carter, episodes tackle today’s relevant social, economic and political issues through the eyes of three generations of the Kennedys, an extended black family living in the neighborhood since the 1950′s. The series stars Mya Harrison, Thomas Miles aka Nephew Tommy, Gary Sturgis and Carl Anthony Payne as well as newcomers Chris Jefferson and Chris O’neal.

Filmmaker Bio

Greg Carter is a native of Houston, Texas, a graduate of Texas A&M University and has produced over thirty feature films.  Son of a preacher and a teacher, Greg is a single dad living in Los Angeles, but originally from 5th Ward in Houston, Texas. After studying under Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Charles Gordone, Greg Studied film at Rice’s prestigious School of Visual and Dramatic Arts under Professor Brian Huberman with producer Elizabeth Avellan (Robert Rodriguez’s partner at Troublemaker Studios). Recognized along with director Richard Linklater with a Institutional grant from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for programs at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. He served on board of directors of the Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) and is a respected SXSW Film Festival alumni. Gregory also studied screen-writing with Academy Award winning writer/producer Pamela Wallace as well as writer/directors John Lee Hancock, Bill Witliff and Tim McCanlies. His most recent films include “Lucky Girl” and “My B.F.F.”

7:10pm: Error404: not Found

Film Synopsis

ERROR404: NOT FOUND is an experimental depiction of a robot experiencing the fear of being alone forever.

Lauryn Henry

Filmmaker Bio

Lauryn Henry is a second-year student filmmaker originally from Somerset, New Jersey. Now attending the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, she is looking to pursue a career as a writer-director


7:15pm: Jabari Keating

Film Synopsis

An African American male reflects on his life and experiences after making a life altering decision.

Stacey Larkins

Filmmaker Bio

Stacey Larkins is a narrative filmmaker and musician residing in the NYC metropolitan area. She has written,directed and edited films that have played at numerous film festivals throughout the country.


7:30pm: Evolutionary Blues…West Oakland’s Music Legacy

Film Synopsis

“The mass influx of African Americans and musicians escaping the harsh South, answering the call of the WWII wartime effort, informs this feature-documentary. We witness the early origins of the undeniable sound born out of the historic 7th Street West Oakland that remains a constant in contemporary echoes found in Blues and R&B.”



Filmmaker Bio

Cheryl, director/producer, has been making documentary films since the late 1970’s. This project is particularly special to her because it highlights her hometown and chronicles the legendary Oakland music scene.


Question & Answer segment with audience

Ticket Price $15.00 (to purchase ticket click here)

No tickets will be sold at door—advance tickets only