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February 25, 2018
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March 30th Festival Agenda

March 30th

St Francis College

4305, 180 Remsen St

Brooklyn, NY 11201

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12:15pm-2:00pm #AAWICToo: Dealing with Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Harassment in Entertainment and Beyond.

A recent upsurge in the awareness of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct in entertainment and beyond have sparked national outrage and mobilize voices to activate awareness and change of those who have been affected by this level of abuse. This panel will discuss the issues at hand as well as possible resolutions.

Moderator: Dana Roberts Ross

As CEO of Pure Quality Enterprises, Dana oversees divisions designed to educate, entertain and promote positive images of cultures through various forms of multimedia.  Currently, she is a contributing writer for several on-line publications and conducts lectures, workshops and screenings as a sports specific trainer and organic lifestyle consultant. After completing her education, she acquired her business savvy while working on Wall Street as a Legal Compliance Paralegal for a major investment banking firm.


Co-Sponsored by:


Andria Mayberry

Andria MayBerry better known as Ms. Berry is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Recognized for her tenacity and business savvy as a Mom and Manager to her son, Empire Superstar, Bryshere Gray who plays Hakim on the hit series. She is currently trailblazing her way as a motivational speaker, philanthropist, emerging sleepwear designer, and now author. For the past 17 years, she has maintained a position in the medical field. Presently, she works in 3 critical care units in a hospital while managing her business ventures.


Dr. “O”

Dr. Ogundu received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in clinical psychology from Loyola University in Chicago and her medical degree from Chicago Medical School. Internationally, Dr. Ogundu collaborates with health ministries in India and Sub-Sahara Africa in research and development of an innovative health care model, “Save a Woman Save a Nation” (SAWSAN) to address the unique health needs of women especially in marginalized rural regions and inner cities.  Dr. Ogundu is a host to “Health Matterz”, a health program on Public Television.

Eva McFadden

Eva McFadden, Founder of I’M MY SISTAH’S KEEPER an entrepreneur and powerful advocate for those who have been abused. She holds a Bachelor Degree as well as a Master Degree with an orientation of marriage and family therapy. Her organization, I’M MY SISTAH’S KEEPER, was recognized by the NAACP, Bronx Chapter with the prestigious Community Award and also recognition from the New York State Assembly with a certificate of Merit for community service award. In addition, she founded, S.A.F.E., Sexual Abuse Awareness for Everyone whose goal is to change the negative self-perceptions of survivors.


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Film Screening Program 3

Moderator & Host 

Mikey Jay

Mikey Jay is a two time Grammy nominated Recording Artist / Music Producer who boasts 13 music awards as well as an astonishing 32 honor awards stemming from the NAACP to the White House for his philanthropic contributions to the communities across America. Mikey Jay is not just a successful rapper and music producer but is also an accomplished Actor, Executive Film Producer, Film Financier, Director, Script Writer, and Producer. In 2016 Mikey Jay became the benefactor for the “St. Jemuel Family Day Care Group” and in 2017 signed on as the benefactor for “A Start Of A New Home Day Care.” In 2015 Mikey Jay became a sponsor for The African American Women In Cinema Film Festival and continues to be a sponsor and Moderator til this day. Civil Rights Activist, Philanthropist, Rapper, Actor, Director Film & Music Producer and much more under his belt it is safe to say that Mikey Jay is more than a Mogul.


5:00pm: The Pray’ers Club

Film Synopsis

When Spirit Taylor has to get an immediate replacement comedian for her sold-out event, she thinks her go-to man Kenny will come through for her again. Kenny calls his old friend and fraternity brother Manny who is glad to help him out because of a past debt he owed. Since Manny is the manager of a comedian named Steve Harris, he comes to the rescue, so he thinks. There is just one tiny detail that got missed in all the communication along the way. Uh-oh. Steve thinks he will be performing at The Player’s Club with strippers and poles, but in fact he will be at The Pray’ers Club, with the saints and their souls! Hold on to your seats. This is one funny ride!


Ms. Shirelle


Filmmaker Bio

Ms. Shirelle lives in Maryland and is a woman of many talents, but first and foremost, she is a woman of faith. She is an author, health advocate, inspirational speaker, playwright and screenwriter. She has executive produced her first short film, “The Pray’ers Club,” and published the book of same title. She believes you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to do as she is making her way into the film/TV business the unconventional way, and at the age of what most would deem as late in life. She plans to adapt her other books (Sinless Sex, How to Be Your Husband’s Mistress) into feature films as well.

5:20pm: Pure Justice

     Film Synopsis

 A well-known attorney just made partner at the most prestigious law firm in the state. She is very happy with her life and career until one day she is accused of illegal and unethical practices and is on the verge of being disbarred. 

 Vickie Adams

Filmmaker Bio 

A director, producer, writer, Vickie Adams began her film journey in 2017. Her first short film “Broken Warrior”, based on men and women returning back from the war with PTSD. “Broken Warrior” was selected into the Los Angeles Film Awards and was nominated as Best Inspirational Film in the International Christian Film Festival 2018.  Adams’ next short film “Pure Justice” has been officially accepted thus far in 2018, into Las Vegas Black Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, National Black Film Festival and International Christian Film Festival.  Adams’ first documentary feature film, “Mental Prison” (2018) is now in post-production.


5:40pm: A Second Later


Film Synopsis 

An overwhelmed new mom, Michelle, is surprised when she learns that her husband invited his mother over to help them out. Sheila, her Mother-in-law, is dismissive because she refuses to believe Michelle is going through maternal depression.


Kionnei ObengWriter/ Director

Filmmaker Bio

KionneiObeng is a writer and director from New York City. Her experience as a Production Assistant on various sets allowed her to see the many facets of filmmaking. As a writer, she strives to create multidimensional characters for women of color. Her goal is to continue to tell stories about the African American experience.


6:00pm: In the Spotlight

Synopsis: Jenée Skylar has it all… the looks, the talent, and as she approaches superstardom, fame is hitting her hard. Her life is quickly becoming everything that she ever wanted and dreamed of…right? This is her dream? Join Jenée and her journey, “In the Spotlight”.



Meleisha Edwards

Filmmaker Bio

Meleisha Edwards is an award winning writer and SAG Producer with over 10 film projects under her belt. She is looking forward to more projects that tell our stories in the future.

6:30pm: The Counter: 1960

Film Synopsis

Three North Carolina University students, Joseph, Diane, and Franklin, are completely frustrated by a constant string of police killing of unarmed black youth. They decide to meet and think of what it is students like themselves can do to contribute to positive change. While waiting for his friends to arrive for their brainstorm session, Joseph, the current Black Student Union president, takes a call from his parents and ends up engaging them around possible strategies. They remind him of his own grandparents’ involvement in the Civil Rights movement over two generations ago. He thanks them and shortly after pulls out two heirloom pieces he inherited from his grandfather, a Masonic ring and watch. Before entering a popular, off-campus diner, Joseph slips on the two pieces of jewelry resulting in a miraculous occurrence, time travel. He and his friends shift back to 1960 and find themselves seated at a ‘whites only’ lunch counter. The past is about to inform the present.

Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd

Filmmaker Bio

Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd is casting director of numerous films such as Fruitvale Station, Filly Brown, and Southside With You. After 27 years of casting, she felt that she should contribute to untouched narratives in the film industry through directing. Inspired by the Greensboro 4, the Little Rock 9, the Friendship 9, and Ruby Bridges, “Twinkie” has chosen to tell stories of African-American history with a twist. Her directorial debut, “The Counter: 1960,” is first in the slate of short films of its kind, with cinematic and narrative intent to send youth back in time to learn about their history.


7:15pm: Maynard

    Film Synopsis 

The Obama before Obama, Maynard Holbrook Jackson became first black Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia in 1973. This film explores his dreams and ambitions to be a public servant as the next logical step in the journey started by Dr. King.


Wendy Eley Jackson

Filmmaker Bio

An award winning Producer known for creating the biggest names in Faith Based television content

Question & Answer Segment with Audience

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No Tickets will be sold at the door–advance tickets only