17th AAWIC Film Festival Schedule

17TH Annual Film Footage - CLICK HERE

DAY 1: Wednesday, November 19

Location: Bowtie Chelsea Cinemas, 260 West 23rd Street

6:00 pm – VIP Reception & Red Carpet

7:00 pm – Opening Night Screening: SEASONS OF LOVE
De Laleu aka Roxie, radio personality from 1043.9 FM, will host and conduct the Q&A with director and cast members

DAY 2: Thursday, November 20

Location: Mist Harlem, 46 West 116th Street

12 pm – 1 pm – Panel: Diversity in the Guilds:
Discussion will be around the various diversity initiatives of each organization and how attendees can benefit from joining them.

1 pm – 2:30 pm – Panel: Female Documentary Filmmakers

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm – Panel: Choose to Live! Presentation by The American Diabetes Association – Greater New York

3:00 pm — 4:00 pm – Panel: NY Loves Film Roundtable Discussion

4:00 pm — 6:00pm – Shorts Program

The Bully by Jamie Burton-Oare
Greenhouse by Ah-Keisha McCants
Mani-Pedi by Sandra Nixon
Lift Every Voice by Monet Gray
Buenos Aires Rap by Siro Bercetche

6:00 pm – Celebrity Presentation

Screenings Hosted by: 103.9FM, Terry Bello

7:00 pm – Christmas Wedding Baby directed by Kiara C. Jones
Followed by a Q&A with Kiara C. Jones.

8:45 pm – Naturally Native directed by Valerie Red-Horse Mohl

DAY 3: Friday, November 21

Location: Mist Harlem, 46 West 116th Street

11:30 am—12:45 pm – Afraid of the Dark directed by Mya B. Silence
Roxie to conduct the Q&A with director and cast members for “Afraid of the Dark” by Mya D. Silence

Mist Harlem, 46 West 116th Street
Special Screening Hosted by: 103.9FM, Roxie

12:00 pm —12:30 pm – Presentation: SKY Financial Group LLC|SKY Brokerage LLC

12:30 pm—1:45 pm –
Panel Discussion: Demystifying Development, Programming and Distribution
Film and television distributors share insights on their company goals and distribution models for the independent filmmaker

2:00 pm—3:45 pm – Panel: Let’s Talk Finance!
Panelists talk about various ways to get financing for independent films

3:45 pm — 4:15 pm – Keynote Session on Transmedia Platforms
Presented by founder Artel Great

Project Catalyst showcases amazing films, filmmakers, and visual artists as a celebratation of the spirit and diversity of American life. In addition, we provide enhanced distribution services for film & media artists whose work explores humanistic and diverse storytelling—including, but not limited to, women and men from Black, Latina/o, Asian-American, and Native American communities.

4:15pm —5:00 pm – Shorts Program
We are screening the following shorts:

Field Goal by Tanesa Kassa
Fixed by Porcha Evans

5:00 pm —5:45pm – Special Presentation

6:00 pm —11:00pm – Special Screenings
We are screening the following films:

Strings Attached by Nelcie Souffrant
On My Own by Rachel Bradshaw

7:45pm – Special Presentation: Hate Crimes in the Heartland by Rachel Lyon

9:00pm – Special Screening: The Grand Gesture by Dana Verde